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Can’t break the bad habit? Change your routine

I was talking to my career coaching client Chris from Chicago the other day, and he brought up one of the techniques he’s using to help him in his job search and in his life in general. He has a tough habit of focusing too much on why he doesn’t like his job. It’s hard to break out of this habit because he’s there every day for 8 hours! At the end of the day he feels drained and frustrated and it can be difficult for him to change his mind set.

Chris is having trouble changing the habit itself and changing his thought process; so instead he’s working changing his routine. This will allow him to alter his habits over time. One thing that he asked himself was, “What’s my current routine, how does it support my current bad habit, and how can I change it so that I can develop a new habit?”

Here’s an example of what he could do to set himself up for success:

  • In the morning, Chris should journal about what he WANTS to have in a job by making a list of 5 things, so he’s focusing on where he’s going instead of where he is.
  • He should take more breaks during the day to get up and stretch and look at those 5 things for example. He can set a calendar alarm on his phone to remind him.
  • Consistently take a lunch break, even if it’s just for 20 minutes, to relax. He could bring a book he likes to work so he can focus on something else that boosts his mental state.

These are just some examples of how his routine can support him feeling better instead of bringing him down. Instead of constantly trying to focus on monitoring his thoughts, which would be exhausting, he’s setting up an external routine to help support him in being more positive.

If you are having trouble breaking bad habits, apply Chris’ story to your career journey. Focus on your routine and how you can improve it to help you along the way.

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach

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