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Blog Makeover, Your Makeover and Rituals

Blog Makeover: So my VA Lori Davis helped me give my blog a make-over, sweet. What do you think? I’m happy with it and will be working on some tweaks to make it a little more readable. If you have any comments, feel free to speak up. And if there’s something you’d like me to include in this blog let me know.

Your Makeover: Well not really, it depends on how you view the new year. Next week I’ll be posting a “Creating Your Own Path for the New Year” tool you can use on my career coaching website to help you get started on your goals for the new year, and closing out this year. I’m not a huge ritual person, but I’ve decided this year that I do want to include some kind of ritual that represents what happened for me this year and what I accomplished. We usually think about what’s next in our lives and often forget that it’s a good idea to close out the old while we’re creating the new. It gives us that closure we crave and helps us release or move past things we want to move past.

When planning a ritual, here are some things to consider:

  • Set an intention-what do you want to accomplish with it?
  • Plan it out and choose symbols or things that have meaning to you, and are related to the intention you want to have.
  • Create a specific/meaningful space in which to do it so it has meaning for you.
  • Have fun with it. Make it fun and enjoyable, a celebration of the good things and releasing of the bad.
  • And the biggest one: it doesn’t have to be a huge thing…just something that means something to you!

Enjoy, Hallie