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Being a Productive Road Warrior

road warrior

road warriorDo you travel for work? Are you a road warrior? If so, take a few moments to read Certified Career Coach, Hallie Crawford’s latest article in US News Money, “How to Handle Work Travel Like a Pro.” The  article details four tips will tell you how to be a productive road warrior on the job.

As seen on US News Money:

I am a road warrior. It sounds exciting and strong, doesn’t doesn’t it? It sounds like a gladiator.

A road warrior is someone who travels frequently for work or who works frequently while travelling. Some workers who spend their days in a small cubicle or office space idealize the thought of being a road warrior, because travelling must be so much better than a desk job. A computer by day and exploring a new location by night – sounds great, right?

But for those who are already road warriors, the situation isn’t always that great. In fact, it presents its own complications that need to be managed. Many road warriors end up wishing for a regular desk job eventually. However, the following tips can help professionals who travel frequently handle their jobs and trips more effectively.

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