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Are you lying on your resume?

In a competitive job market your resume couldn’t be more valuable! I recently came across this article from The Boston Globe about how “more job seekers are ‘dumbing down’ credentials” on their resumes in order to get the job interview.

I thought this topic was really interesting. Here’s my take on it.

Modifying your resume to fit the position you are striving for is a must. You have to do this. If it means leaving something off in order to get an interview, that’s not bad. What is bad is downright lying on your resume about a job, skill, position etc. that you have held and didn’t.

Client example: A career coaching client applied for a job and chose to remove the PhD listing. This client doesn’t go by doctor and it didn’t accurately represent who they were. It wasn’t important for that position or their direction.

When you tailor your resume to a position, it is a balancing act of being honest and truthful versus not presenting yourself accurately. Your resume should present yourself as something that you are. You could always bring anything omitted in interview as needed. .

Please note: There is no one-size fits all answer here as all situations, positions and experiences are different. Again let me emphasize you NEVER want to lie.

It is one thing to not disclose an important thing like a crime that you committed or a criminal record. It’s different not to disclose a PhD in order to get the interview. Remember each situation is individual and needs to be addressed as such.

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Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach