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Are you continuously updating your resume? What to include…

Most people will say no, they are not updating their resume continuously. Nine times out of ten when I’m working with a new client, they say their resume is out of date. Some have not even looked at it in years! I understand that, and what happens when our resume writer, Jasmine Marchong, begins to work on their resume, they have trouble remembering the key accomplishments they want to include over the years.

It takes more time to dig through your memory banks or performance reviews than it would to simply update your resume every six to twelve months. A great time to update your resume is before your performance review so that you can use it as the catalyst to get you going.

A couple of other things to keep in mind as well:

1. Update your LinkedIn profile at the same time!

2. Keep a master resume with all of your work experience and accomplishments.

This will make it easier when it’s time to start a new job search. You can simply copy and paste the relevant material into each new resume to apply for jobs.

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach

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