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Are you close to retirement age but not ready yet?

With so many employees having to remain in the workforce longer than they anticipated, it’s critical to help them find the right career fit as well. In some cases, when you’ve been in a certain industry for a long time, it can be harder to think outside the box and see yourself in a different role than you’ve been in before.

What if you didn’t like your last career very much which is part of why you’re leaving? One of the things you need to do is brainstorm with friends and family. Work with them to consider other career ideas beyond your former job using a brainstorming technique like mindmapping. You can simply take out a large sheet of paper. Write down the keywords that describe your previous job such as financial analysis, financial analyst, data management or whatever tasks you typically performed. Then write those down. Using as well as just thinking out loud, write down other words that are related to this and do a quick search using those words on the job boards. These sites can help you brainstorm ideas.

I’m thrilled to announce we also have someone to help you with your search for that second or final career path for you. Katie Weiser is a Board Certified Coach whose passion is to help clients achieve their career dreams. You can contact us to speak with Katie here.

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach

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