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Advancing Your Career

advancing your career

advancing your careerCertified Career Coach, Hallie Crawford, was recently asked for her professional opinion on, “How to Use a Mass Exodus at Your Company to Advance Your Career.” Here’s an excerpt:

Six of your colleagues just quit in the past three weeks. Or maybe they were fired. What’s going on—and are you next?

The uncomfortable truth is that teams and companies go through shaky periods where, for one reason or another (and often for several), there’s a mass exodus of employees that leaves you nervously eyeing the door, too.

That’s a normal reaction, but it may not be the most strategic one. Just because your company makes a round of layoffs or a handful of people jump ship doesn’t mean the whole organization is about to go down in flames and take you with it.

In fact, you can sometimes turn this type of situation to your advantage. Here are three steps to take to make that happen.

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