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9 Things Bosses Hate More Than Your Taking a Sick Day (Part 2)

sick day

sick dayHallie was honored to be featured in a recent article about things your boss hates more than you taking a sick day. As a follow up to this article, we wanted to share some additional tips with you.

Some people fear calling in sick because sometimes it is an excuse employees give when they don’t want to go into work. Because of this, many can be leery of calling in saying they are sick, even when they really do have an awful flu. Some may be afraid to get too behind on work projects to call in sick. They may think that their commitment to the project or to their job will be called into question and they won’t look as committed as they should. However, here are some other things to avoid at work that bosses hate more than taking a sick day.

  • Coming in late and leaving early. Habitual tardiness or leaving early regularly are annoying habits that drive bosses crazy.
  • Handling personal matters at work. This could be regularly taking personal phone calls, texting, or scheduling personal appointments during work hours. Bosses translate this as a lack of respect for the work environment and that employees don’t consider their work to be important.
  • Being unreliable. Missing deadlines, meetings, or other appointments is something that drives bosses crazy. They can’t depend on these this kind of employee.

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