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7 Ways LinkedIn Recommendations Can Help You Boost Your Professional Profile

linkedin recommendations

LinkedIn has this neat feature where you can request a recommendation from people you know and work with, so why not leverage this to your advantage? Adding recommendations onto your LinkedIn profile can provide numerous benefits:

  1. Recommendations from not only managers and clients, but direct and indirect reports, and peers can give a reader a complete 360 view of your professional performance and capabilities.
  2. As long as you’re not doing “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours,” when it comes to asking and giving recommendation, then others will view your recommendations as a solid source of credibility.
  3. Fine tuning your recommendations can help you focus your profile on specific accomplishments, projects, initiatives, or skill sets.
  4. This is a great way to get others to toot your horn for you instead of you doing it yourself.
  5. You have the capability to collaborate with the person who is providing your recommendation so that it emphasizes what you do best.
  6. You can pick and choose which recommendations you would like others to see.
  7. Not sure what kind of verbal recommendation you’re going to get from someone? Try asking for a LinkedIn recommendation first, see what they have to say and that should give you a good idea whether they will be a good referral during your job search.

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