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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Career

Springtime is a great time to clean, declutter, and purge in preparation for warmer weather. Most people focus on their homes, office spaces, or that over-stuffed closet in your basement, but why not take some time to spring clean and declutter your career? What exactly does this mean and how can you do it?

Declutter your career. This means getting back to basics, determining your core values as a professional and reviewing your career goals. Sometimes we get so busy with day-to-day tasks and projects that we lose sight of our overall career plan. When is the last time that you thought about your career values, your professional development plan, or worked on updating your professional materials such as your LinkedIn profile? It’s important to continuously work on these items to ensure that you are still finding fulfillment in your career, leveraging your strengths, continuously challenged, and working towards your long-term goals.

We understand that it can be difficult to schedule time to spring clean your career, so we have compiled a checklist of five important elements that you should work on this spring to get back to basics and feel refreshed in your career:

  • Define fulfillment. Fulfillment is what gives you meaning or a sense of accomplishment at work. To define fulfillment, you need to know what your career values are and ensure you are honoring them at work on a regular basis. It is important to reevaluate your values periodically (part of spring cleaning) because they can change over time. Think about how you can improve honoring your career values this year and what changes you need to make at work in order to do so.
  • Identify 3 career goals for this year. Every professional should have career goals they are working towards, just as you would personal goals. Use your professional development plan to identify your next long-term goals. Then, break them down into smaller actionable steps for this year. Your goals could include developing certain leadership skills, enhancing your management strengths, learning a new skill, or working on your communication skills.

  • Update your professional accomplishments document. This is a document where you regularly record your professional accomplishments, such as projects completed, measurable results achieved, kudos from managers or clients, and anything else that speaks to your achievements this year. Schedule time each month this spring to update this document. This makes it easier to be prepared for career opportunities, such as taking on greater responsibility in your current position or a promotion.

  • Review your branding statement. Your branding statement is who you are as a business professional and what you are known for. Your statement should include who you serve, the unique value you provide, and how you deliver results to your constituents. Did you know that less than 5% of professionals are consistently living by their brand? Review and update your brand to ensure it accurately represents you.

  • Update your LinkedIn profile. Schedule an hour this spring to review your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that your profile accurately represents your values, your latest accomplishments, and your brand. Ensure you have a professional photo. Set a goal of making 1-2 new meaningful connections each month this spring to expand your network.

Need help decluttering your career and setting meaningful goals? Schedule a free call with us today!