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5 Tips to Help You With Job Applications

Career coaching clients often ask me why they have sent out so many resumes but rarely, and sometimes never, hear back from the employer. There are so many possible reasons that it’s hard to pinpoint one.

One of my career coaching clients recently asked me this very question the other day.For over a year before working with me he’s applied for jobs and never heard back.  When I looked at his resume and cover letter I realized why. His cover letter was dense and way too long. A full page of text, that’s very dense and not easy to read isn’t going to be read by many employers. He needed to cut it back; we set to work doing just that.

Here are the top 5 reasons you might not be hearing back about your job application:

1. Your resume isn’t tailored to the position. An employer can tell if it isn’t. If you don’t take the time to revise your resume for each job you’re applying for, you won’t look qualified and it will go into the recycle bin.

2. Your resume doesn’t have relevant keywords for the position, and companies that use computers to review resumes to determine which ones to review by hand tosses it out.

3. You didn’t follow their application instructions to the letter. That is an automatic disqualification. Always follow their instructions. If they say don’t contact them to follow up, don’t.

4. The job has been posted for weeks, and you are just now applying. Sometimes you can be way too late to apply. Stay on top of job boards and postings to apply right away.

5. Your resume is in a format that is hard to read and scan quickly. If they can’t tell if you are qualified right away, or can’t quickly review and identify your qualifications, it goes into the trash.

Remember, there are many possible reasons you’re not getting calls back. There’s no way to know exactly why. You have to try to get it right as often as possible, so that your chances are increased.

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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