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4 Ways to Move Into a Management Position


career-advancementHallie’s US News article provides tips that will help you get noticed by your superiors, and improve important leadership skills to take the next step in your career.

Have your eye on a management position? If so, congratulations on setting your next career goal! The good news is, the competition is not as steep as it used to be in the past. According to a 2014 Harvard Business Review survey, only about a third (34 percent) of workers aspire to be in a leadership position.

The next thing you need to consider, however, is how to make it a reality. And often, it’s not as easy as you think. As we all know, a promotion doesn’t come automatically. In fact, many times qualified professionals are overlooked when it comes to promotions because that person has not positioned themselves effectively or correctly. Whether you are looking to be a general manager, VP or department leader, here are a few steps many professionals overlook that can help you accomplish your goal.

Find Hallie’s 4 tips here.