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3 Tips to Succeed in Your Career

While maintaining and reaching goals in jobs and careers can be a challenge and sometimes overwhelming, it is possible to succeed! Many times career success comes from maintaining a positive attitude and staying focused on what you want to accomplish. Consider the following three tips to help you reach your career goals.

  1. Conduct informational interviews. The best way to find out about what is needed to reach your career goals is to talk to someone who has already done it. Investigate in your network or organization to see if you know someone who has the job position you would like to have. Contact them and ask if you could conduct an informational interview to discover what is needed to reach your goal.
  2. Ask for support. If you find it’s hard to stay positive and focused on your own, ask a family member or friend to help you. Ask them to help you avoid negative thinking and to help you set timeframes for your goals. Schedule a coffee date or a phone call at reasonable intervals to discuss your plan. They will most likely be glad to have an accountability partner as well!
  3. Avoid “Negative Nellies.” If you find certain coworkers, friends, or others tend to be negative about their careers or your reaching out to do more, that can be toxic to your career growth. Instead, try to spend more time with those who are positive about doing more and have reached their career goals.

If you need some inspiration to stay motivated, consider our client Lara. She recently wrote and shared the following:

“Our new employee, that I had to fight for, started earlier this week. Several of my employees have given me random notes of encouragement – one even brought me flowers.  We had something happen that could have ruined an entire partnership that we’ve built that would have canceled an entire six-week training and I was able to navigate it, while painfully, well enough that I think we’re still on track. AND, I somehow got a promotion. I’m no longer an Assistant Director, I am a Director. Thanks for working with me, having confidence in me, guiding me behind the scenes to be more confident and self-aware.”

If you are interested in career coaching, visit our career coaching packages page or sign up for a free consultation! We would be glad to help you find success in your career.