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3 Self-Care Tips for Increasing Work Performance

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Do you find it hard to feel productive at work? Would you like to increase your overall performance at work this year? We understand that these goals can feel hard to implement, especially since many professionals are working remotely. One simple thing to do to help with these goals is taking a little time for self-care. 

Taking time for self-care can seem next to impossible. And if you are working remotely, there might be greater pressure to work overtime to finish important projects. Extensive work hours are associated with a higher risk of anxiety and depression. It can also be tough to differentiate work time and personal time, especially since we are always accessible via our cell phones. But with some small adjustments, you can start to take more time for self-care, leading to increased work performance. We want to share three tips for greater self-care with you. 

Identify when you are at your best. Then, work on difficult projects and tasks during that time of day. This will enable you to be more efficient yet still get downtime. If you work on a team, consider making this a topic of discussion for everyone on the team. You may not be able to accommodate everyone’s best work time, but being more mindful of this overall can contribute to greater performance. This will contribute to a more positive but also productive, work environment. 

Take time to disconnect from work. When working from home the day can all blend together. It’s important to take breaks and even a lunch hour. Breaks help you be more productive. Your mind will continue to think about a task or project even when you are doing something else and you will find you have more creative solutions or the lightbulb moment. Take advantage of the settings on your phone during these times; set it to “Do Not Disturb” or put it into airplane mode to really disconnect. 

Set your boundaries. Consider how accessible you are willing to be at different times of the day, especially outside of your work hours, and stick to a schedule. For example, your co-worker writes you an email about a project at 10 PM. Decide whether you will respond at those hours or not, depending on your job, role, industry, and the project you’re working on. Then be proactive about your decision. Setting boundaries allows you to recharge your mind and body. This helps you be more creative and have a fresh perspective when you do get back to work.

Action steps for greater productivity

  • Take some time this week to think about what changes you would like to make in these areas and write them down. You may discover other small ways you can implement self-care into your routine.
  • Talk to your team and/or your superiors about the improvements you would like to make and the results that will be achieved for the company in terms of your productivity and creativity by doing so. 
  • Identify one action step in the next week to implement and then check in with yourself quarterly to analyze how you are feeling. 

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