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10 tips to help you prepare for a career fair

Today I wanted to discuss how to effectively use career fairs as part of your job search process. Career fairs are a great opportunity for job seekers to network, get to know what companies are hiring, and learn more about their chosen industry.

Here are 10 tips to help you make the most of career fairs during your career transition:

  1. Find a list of employers that will be there.
  2. Identify the top employers that you want the opportunity to meet.
  3. Research the company and their current news so that you can prepare what you want to say to them.
  4. Have well thought out questions that you want to ask them about the company.
  5. Dress up and look professional (this seems obvious, but I went to career fair and woman was wearing sneakers with a suit and it didn’t come off well).
  6. Have a business card with your contact information to hand out as you make networking contacts.
  7. Get your elevator pitch ready and practice it before the day of the career fair
  8. Always use a FIRM handshake when introducing yourself.
  9. Look the people that you meet directly in the eyes.
  10. Saying something that makes a good impression and will make them remember you.

Remember, your first impression counts EVEN more at a career fair because you are only going to have a couple minutes with them. Take the time to prepare yourself and put your best foot forward. Your career is depending on it!

Hallie Crawford
Job Coach

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