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Feel Better Now

feel better now

feel better nowThe reason why it’s so important to feel better now, even if you dislike your current job, is this: people in career transition can become so unhappy that being unhappy in itself takes most of their mental focus. They’re so involved in how miserable they are that they can’t see beyond that. They waste precious time and energy thinking about what doesn’t work in their current situation. As a result, they spend no time on what they want instead.       

Katherine and I spent at least the first month of her coaching sessions trying to get her to feel better about her current job. She spent the time venting and complaining, but we had to wade through this to help her make small changes so she could then focus on the future. Some of the things I suggested were: Take a walk on your lunch hour; try deep breathing; manage your time differently. Leave on time twice a week. Do the difficult things first every day. Volunteer on projects that would be interesting. Develop hobbies outside work that are fun and that boost your spirits. Taking time to make your current job tolerable means you will be less eager to make a move that isn’t any more a fit than the job you have now. Once you accept your current job and make it palatable, then you can spend your time focusing on the job you want. You will have the mental focus to get where you want to be.

Even when the financial reality is that you may need to remain in your current position for a while, I work with clients to identify their ideal career path once we have improved their current situations. This enables them to lay the right foundation for the next steps. Feeling better now is about achieving balance and then finding the time and energy to focus on your dreams.

Action step: Come up with two or three action steps that you are now willing to take to help you feel better regardless of your current job situation.

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