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Are You Entrepreneur Material?


I’ve had several clients in the past few weeks mention they’ve thought about being an entrepreneur. But they don’t know if they have what it takes to be a business owner. I have found that many people say this. Owning your own business sounds glamorous. Working from home, having a flexible schedule, being a part of something you have grown and nurtured can sound so appealing. And, it’s a decision you don’t want to rush into. Several things I suggest to clients to help them think it through is:

1) Talk to other business owners about what’s it’s really like to have their own gig. What are the pros but also what are the cons. What don’t they enjoy about being an entrepreneur?

2) Read Small Business for Dummies. One of my clients Joanne in TN read it voraciously to help understand how to start her own business. And learned in the process that the topics they covered did not intimidate her, so she felt more comfortable.

And 3) Make your own list of pros and cons about running your own organization based on what you’ve learned. Have a friend or family member look through the list with you. Having an objective eye can help you see things you may have overlooked.

I hope this is helpful to you. Our next post is written by a franchise consulting firm. Owning a franchise is one great way to start your own business, with a little less risk and effort in some ways…

Hallie Crawford, Career Coach