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How to know when it’s time to change careers and find the job you love

Career Change for Dream Job

The workplace has changed substantially for many over the past few years. From remote work to hybrid work to going back to the office, everyone’s job satisfaction has been impacted in some way. Many professionals have started asking themselves what they really want out of their careers. But how do you know when it’s really time to change careers and look for something else?

Our team has been at the same crossroads; we understand that feeling of career uncertainty. We are here to help. Our team has a tried and trusted formula to help find clarity when it comes to finding a job you love. We want to share some of our top tips with you because every professional deserves to have a job they love.  

When we work with our clients, we take them through a “red flag test” to help them determine how they feel about their current job. You can take a simplified version below.

Red Flag Test

You dread getting out of bed every morning.
Your work relationships and performance are suffering.
You gain little or no joy or satisfaction from it.
You’ve started to slack off and have little or no motivation.
You become someone else at work.
Your job doesn’t make use of your talents.
You spend most of your time complaining about your job.
You regularly fantasize about quitting, being fired, or let go.

How many red flags do you relate to? If you find you identify with only one or two, you probably are just going through a rough patch. All professionals experience this from time to time, even in careers they love. Reevaluate how you feel in a few months.

Did you identify with three or four red flags? You may need to make some adjustments in your career. Start by thinking about what works in your current job and what doesn’t work. Jot down what your ideals at work would be and see if you can make any immediate adjustments.

If you find that you identify with five or more red flags, it’s time to change careers. However, before just jumping to a new job, it’s important to make sure that a career change will provide you with fulfillment and be something you truly love. We invite you to think about your career values first. If you don’t know what your career values are, you can get started by thinking about what success means to you and what your ideal day at work looks like. This will help ensure that you find, not just another job, but a career you truly love.

Need more help? We are here for you. Schedule a free consult today.