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What You Should Ask For in Your Performance Review

Your Career Performance Review

Are you getting ready for your year-end performance review? While we realize that some professionals feel they aren’t necessary, others feel they aren’t accurate representations of their work year, it’s also true that they are a standard part of many companies and industries. And it’s a candidate’s or employee’s market these days so regardless of how they have been in the past for you, this is a great opportunity to negotiate with your manager.

We understand that negotiating makes many people feel uneasy. We get it. We work with professionals every day, helping them to feel more confident about negotiating and asking for what they want, confidently and effectively. In the current climate of the workplace, employees have more power than ever before. So here are some things that we recommend asking for during your next performance review.

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Ask what opportunities for growth there are this year. Many professionals overlook talking to their managers about their career goals. But really, your performance review is a great opportunity to talk to your boss about your career aspirations for the upcoming year. Ask them what opportunities are available to you. For example, can you take on more responsibilities or receive a promotion? If not, what do you need to work on during the upcoming year? Be prepared to receive feedback from your manager and be open to setting some smaller goals if your boss feels you need some more experience.

Ask for the corner office you’ve always wanted. If you are headed back to the office, employers know that many employees aren’t feeling comfortable and are willing to make accommodations to help with the transition. Is there a certain office space that you have always had your eye on? Without being outrageous, let your boss know that you would love to move to the corner office or to the third floor for a better view from your window. Discuss what is practical and reasonable together based on the time you have worked with the company and your department.

Ask for hybrid or remote work. If you don’t want to go back to the office full time, before simply quitting your job, talk to your boss about working remotely or in a hybrid position. With many employees quitting their jobs, managers are more likely to be flexible with their current employees. What is realistic for your job position and can any exceptions be made? Make sure to present your plan to your boss, including what your schedule would be and how you would communicate with co-workers who do go back to the office.

Ask for a raise or for more perks. Generally speaking, a year-end performance review is the time when salaries can be renegotiated. However, since the pandemic is still affecting some industries, a higher salary may not be an option right now, even if you do deserve to receive one. Research your company and industry to see how they have been faring during the pandemic. You can also make quiet inquiries to your network connections. If you find a salary raise may not be possible at this time, we recommend being prepared to negotiate for more perks instead. For example, could you get a higher number of stocks or more money put into the retirement fund available with your company? Can you get a higher level of insurance coverage? Can you negotiate more PTO?

When negotiating, remember that you most likely won’t get everything you want. You will have to compromise with your manager. Pick the top 1-2 things you would really want to walk away with, and also think about what you would be happy with if you have to make a compromise. For example, if you can’t have the corner office, would you be happy with an office with a big window instead? If you can’t work remotely full-time, would you be happy with flexible work hours a few days a week? And if your manager isn’t willing to compromise on anything that you want, will you still be happy working there?

We can help you feel confident and extremely prepared for your performance review. Schedule a free consult today!