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Look in Your Own Backyard for Career Ideas


career-ideasGreat story I wanted to share with you from a recent career coaching client experience. Client Ryan in Tennessee was interested in becoming an ombudsman at a university or corporation. Over our 3 month process of identifying his ideal career, he conducted multiple informational interviews to determine 1) how to get into that position and 2) how feasible it was for him given his background and education. Fortunately, he had already taken courses in this area and had some experience working on conflict resolution projects through school. However, when he spoke to people in this position they told him 2 things. They are few and far between, not all organizations will invest in this type of assistance or department. And second, that people don’t leave those jobs very often so there is low turnover and therefore, not many job openings at any given time. Ryan considered starting his own consulting firm but, wasn’t sure if that was the right fit. One day, as he was talking to a connection, he realized he could pitch the idea to his own organization. Why not? He didn’t have anything to lose, except getting a “no”. He asked for a meeting with the CEO to pitch a new idea. And for 2 weeks after that he prepared his presentation. When I spoke to him last week – they accepted it! They need to work out the details, confirm his salary and the action plan, which will take some time. But – he looked in his own backyard, and found something that would truly work for him! Congratulations Ryan for taking the reins and stepping out of your comfort zone. And it’s a great reminder to us to remember what we may be looking for could be right under our nose. We hope this is helpful to you!

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