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Laid off? It’s not your fault

I was honored to be featured in this recent online article regarding Being Laid Off and how to handle it. Here’s an excerpt, and a link to the rest of the article is at the bottom. I hope it’s helpful to you!

Being let go is the epitome of not fun. In today’s struggling economy, more and more businesses are having to make the decision to lay off more and more hard-working people.

Someone faced with a pink slip can easily feel stuck in a drought, and if they haven’t faced the job hunt in a while, the task can seem more than daunting.

We spoke with Hallie Crawford, a certified career coach and founder of, to see what all of you can do to pick yourself up and get back to work after being laid off.

Realize it’s not your fault.

To begin with, there is a HUGE difference between being laid off and being fired, and we’ve got Hallie’s word for it.

“When you’re fired it’s because your performance is unsatisfactory,” Hallie says. “Laid off is typically because of a company change (like downsizing or going out of business), as opposed to employee performance.”

After being laid off, many people will feel that it reflects poorly on them and their record. Somehow, they feel the powers that be didn’t find them worth keeping; therefore, it was clearly their fault.

That is NOT true at all. Sometimes, difficult decisions must be made, and this is no reflection on your work ethic or results in the workplace.

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Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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