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Food for Thought: Multitasking-Does it work?

A Jan 16 Time magazine article covered the topic of multitasking; it’s benefits and pitfalls. Today we have so many more things demanding our attention, more distractions that beep at us, ring in multiple tones, etc. All of these “tools” are supposed to make us more efficient and effective, but do they? There are definitely times when they seem like more of a hindrance than a help. I think the key is learning to balance these gadgets and set boundaries in order to use them to your advantage. Here’s one idea:

a. Set a time to respond to email and voicemail – Unless you are expecting an urgent message, try not to respond to your emails or voicemails right as they come in.  Set a time period or two during the day to respond to messages.  Otherwise, you may never leave your phone or computer!  With designated times scheduled in advance, you’ll likely be more focused on those tasks at that time and won’t feel as distracted throughout the day. More ideas in another post…