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Finding a career you enjoy: Financial stability

Remain or become financially stable-

Before I work with someone on changing career paths, I talk to them about their financial situation. It’s hard to dream and plan for the future when you’re heavily focused on or worried about paying the bills. While it’s important to dream about your career possibilities, you need to be practical as well. (For more on this stay tuned for next month’s newsletter.) What are your options for becoming financially stable? Perhaps you can stay in your current position and work on the next career step after hours, or find a part-time job that pays the bills and allows you greater freedom to pursue your passion. Another option is to begin to set aside savings that will allow you to cover six to twelve months of living expenses. Remember, this process can take time. It took me about three years from leaving my full-time position to creating a full-time coaching practice. I encourage you to start now!

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