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Dream First and Dream Big

dream big

dream big“The best way to predict your future is to invent it.” Alan Kay

When I work with clients, I ask them to dream first and worry about the specific logistics of how they’re going to make the change later. If you focus too much on the practical side and think, “How will I make this work?” you may squash a creative idea that is perfect for you. So be careful about getting too practical too soon in your search for your dream job.

Instead give yourself several hours, even days, of dreaming and brainstorming. Allow your ideas to be expansive and realize that they can always be trimmed and shaped later to fit your personal situation. But don’t trim yet. Let the creative side of your brain connect to career ideas you’d never thought of.

One thing Allison loved in college was being a docent at her local community museum. She loved history and loved educating people about what was in their museum. Yet, she’d never considered a career in education, history, or at a museum. In her mind she saw that as something she did in her personal life that she wouldn’t get paid for. Instead of allowing her to write off this experience, we dove into it. I asked her what she loved about it, and when we dug deeper we began to identify career paths she’d never considered in travel and hospitality. Ultimately, she ended up working in a history museum as a director of volunteers.

If you allow yourself to dream first and dream big, you may come across a career idea you never considered. Tap into your childhood dreams; tap into your passion; tap into those secret fantasies. Then use those insights to create a workable plan for the future. You’ve got nothing to lose.   

Action step:

Turn to a fresh page in your notebook and write down everything you’ve ever considered in your life and everything you would consider now as well. What is something you’d love to do? What idea has always been in the back of your mind but you never thought was feasible? And if you don’t have one of these ideas, that’s okay. Think about every past experience, work and personal, that you’ve enjoyed in your life and try to think of career ideas related to those situations.

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