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Why You Should Job Search During Summer

Should you job search during summer? Depending on what state you live in, you may have planned a vacation or a staycation for this summer. And while this year’s personal summer plans will be a lot different than most professionals had in mind, the general thought is that summer isn’t the best time to job search. Let alone that the economy is still struggling due to coronavirus. We understand that this is a difficult time for many professionals and it could make sense to give your job search a break. However, is it really true that you shouldn’t job search during summer? 

No, it’s not! We highly recommend that you continue to job search through the summer. This is something that we regularly share with our clients. There are several great reasons for continuing a job search during the summer months. And while you should assume that things are moving a little more slowly during this season (and also due to coronavirus), don’t assume that businesses aren’t hiring. 

Here are some reasons why you should job search during summer: 

Stay current. Taking the summer off really isn’t realistic for the American professional. Most of us do have to work for most of the summer. Reflect this work ethic in your job search. While we do recommend that you keep work-life balance and take a vacation if possible in your area, keeping up with your job search during the summer helps keep you focused and productive. This will also help you to not feel overwhelmed in the fall if you have to catch up with all the job openings you left pending.. 

People are networking. In normal circumstances, summer is a great time to network. This summer, look for virtual career fairs, virtual networking events, and even virtual activities hosted by your alumni association. Networking is a great way to find unexpected connections who can help you with your job search goals

Companies are hiring. Companies do not stop hiring in the summer. While it’s true that some industries slow down and some are hurting due to the current economic crisis, there are still plenty of opportunities available. You may even consider taking on some side gigs over the summer to build your rapport and portfolio. Websites like have new listings daily and there is a dedicated LinkedIn feed that is regularly updated with companies who are hiring. You never know when your dream job will become available, so don’t stop searching. 

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