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Tips for maintaining work-life balance through the holidays

CYCP - Maintaining Work-life Balance

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, professionals have realized the need to pay greater attention to their work-life balance on a regular basis. In fact, many people have coined the phrase “quiet quitting” at work and some job seekers are still looking for a position that meets their needs, including multiple gigs (the Gig Economy) in some cases.

Work-Life balance can become even more of a challenge when the kids are on winter break. How can you manage your travel plans, family gatherings, and your work schedule? We understand that work-life balance can always be a challenge and we want to help you enjoy your vacation. Here are some of our top tips to help you plan to balance work and life.

#1 Rate your current work-life balance. If you are unsure how you are currently doing with your work-life balance, you won’t know what adjustments you should make during this time of the year. We recommend completing our free exercise to determine where you stand now.

#2 Set boundaries. Setting boundaries is essential to maintaining work-life balance in the long run. This will help combat burnout. You may find that you need to adjust your regular boundaries to be more present in your personal life while on vacation or spending more time with your family. Discuss your plans with your team and let them know when they can and cannot contact you outside of your scheduled work hours. Decide if or how often you will be checking your emails during your time off. If you work from home while your kids are on winter break, let them know your work schedule and at what times they can or cannot interrupt you.

#3 Organize your calendar. Sit down with your family and discuss everyone’s plans for winter break. You may find it helpful to create a shared family calendar on your phone so that everyone is always aware of important events. This will help you when planning any work meetings or activities.

#4 Include self-care. Time off from school and work doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a lot of downtime. Generally, the calendar gets filled with other activities and it’s easy to neglect self-care. Whether it’s making time for your exercise, stretching, or a hobby, it’s important to schedule some time weekly for yourself to stay refreshed and energized.

We are here for you! Whether you want greater work-life balance or have another career goal, we are here to support you. Schedule a free consult today.