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Regretting a Career Decision?


career-regretHave you ever taken a job that you knew in your gut wasn’t a good fit for you, but you accepted it anyway? Or a job that when people asked you why you took it, your only answer was, “I fell into it,” or that someone else suggested you’d be good at it? These aren’t good reasons to accept a job and almost everyone has done this at some point. It happens, and if we find out the job truly wasn’t a fit like we thought, we can experience a strong sense of regret.

We’ve all experienced some form of career regret. Maybe it was a career change or a professional decision we wish we hadn’t made. Regrets can also happen if we aren’t as far along in our careers as we’d like to be. Or we haven’t achieved as much as we thought we would, whether it’s money, a certain title or a sales goal. How can we avoid making poor choices the next time?

Read Hallie’s US News article to discover three basic steps to help you make a better decision the next time you feel torn.