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LinkedIn to let all users post articles

This is an interesting new development from LinkedIn. Posting articles you have written is another powerful way to establish your brand in your field by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise to your peers and possible employers.

If you decide to leverage this tool keep these basic principles in mind:

1) Keep it concise – short and sweet and to the point. Readers online typically want to digest information quickly and articles that are easy to scan are more appealing than those you have to wade through.

2) Focus on 1 topic at a time, going into greater depth and specificity than broad strokes. This will keep your reader more engaged and interested and will better showcase your knowledge and expertise.

3) Take a stand. Don’t be afraid to voice an opinion in your articles. Be mindful that you may need to defend it, but put yourself in an employers shoes, would you want to hire someone wishy-washy or someone who has a thoughtful response to an industry issue.

Hallie Crawford
Job Coach

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