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Job Search Advice for the Holiday Season

job search advice

What Job Seekers Should Keep in Mind for the Holidays

job search adviceAs Spring Break is approaching and long holiday weekends, like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, often our clients ask, “Can I find work during the holidays?” The answer is…YES! People seem to assume that job search is more challenging during the holiday season. Some of the reasons are: people are busy traveling, everybody’s making holiday preparations, there are many holiday festivities to attend, you often hear more about seasonal work. These things do NOT mean that you can’t make the most of the holidays and find a permanent position. There are 2 things that job seekers should keep in mind during the holiday season.

  1. Companies are still hiring. Companies with openings don’t necessarily quit interviewing during the holiday season. In fact, some are driven to hire before the first of the year. The holidays can help your job search because many people believe they won’t find work this time of year. As a result, fewer people are actively pursuing a permanent position. It’s important to stay persistent throughout the application process so that you will stand out in the crowd.
  2. Networking is key. The key to job searching during the holidays is networking! Amidst the holidays, you can encounter many networking opportunities such as family events, holiday parties, holiday shopping, or any group gathering. This is the perfect time of year to build a strong network with various friends, family, acquaintances, old co-workers, etc.

Here are some tips that might help you land your ideal job this holiday season:

  • Follow Up. Don’t postpone follow-up calls or resume submission because you assume communication will be difficult during the holidays.
  • Network. Network with all your contacts and keep an eye out for holiday networking events.
  • Prepare. Bring copies of your resume and business cards to work parties. Dress conservatively, and stay away from the spiked holiday punch.
  • Be Proactive. If you hear about a new position and the hiring process will begin in the new year, submit an updated resume in advance with a note that you heard about the position and that you’ll follow up first thing after the first of the year.

Remember all of these tips as we roll into the holiday season. And don’t forget:

  • The holidays can really help you connect with those who might have experience or knowledge in your desired industry.
  • Do a little homework before the festivities so that you are ready with questions, and make sure you have your own ‘plug’ to use that is short and simple.
  • Most importantly, be yourself. You want a job that suits your style, personality, and unique skill set. The best way to find one is to put yourself out there and see what happens next.