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If the Job Doesn’t Fit, You Must … Well … Quit

I had a great conversation with Jamie Harrison at Black Enterprise magazine recently. She wrote a very interesting article, If the Job Doesn’t Fit, You Must … Well … Quit, about knowing how to evaluate job opportunities and whether they’re a fit for you! This is a process that’s different for every individual, so keep that in mind. Here are some additional thoughts I wanted to share with you…

1) GET A JOB: As a college student, internships and ANY work experience can help you to choose the proper career for your future because they can be invaluable. I wish more students would find a job in college! Even if it’s part time, or participating in an internship. This real world experience can give you a sense of what it’s really like to work – the hours, what having a boss is like or how to communicate in the workplace.

Furthermore, it can start to give you a sense of what you might like and dislike about a job, and what different working environments are like. When I’m working with career coaching clients, it’s much easier to help them identify what they want to have in a job by asking them what they liked and disliked about previous work experience. Having this experience, even if they didn’t like it, provides a baseline for what they might want in the future. Knowing what you don’t like can help you determine what you want to have instead.

2) EVALUATE IF IT’S A FIT: As a college grad, to make sure you’re taking the right job or entering into the right career for you takes time and effort to think about it and figure it out. Use the resources your college career center offers! Take a career test, work with a career counselor, learn as much about yourself and what’s important to you in a job as you can. It’s okay to just get out there and get a job for an income and experience, but while you’re there, invest in yourself by thinking about what you want to have long term, conduct informational interviews with people in the fields you’re considering to learn more about them.

3) ASK YOURSELF THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: To evaluate each opportunity, ask yourself these questions: Does this job align with my values and priorities? Will it utilize my talents and skills? Is the work environment right for me? What is the long term growth potential and if this entry level position isn’t exactly what I want, will it get me there-to my long term goals? Will it pay me enough to cover my bills and allow me to be independent? These are just some of the questions you need to answer to determine if each opportunity is a fit.

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Hallie Crawford
Career Coach

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