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How to Kick-Start Your Career: Leverage what you’ve got

I was thrilled to be featured in this Kiplinger’s article, How to Kick-Start Your Career: Are you bored by your job or stuck in the wrong field? A coach or counselor may be able to help. This article is focused on one of my career coaching clients, Deidra, who I was able to help through her career transition process. She really maximized the resources available that were available to her, and as a result she made a successful career change and got a big professional leg up. Here’s a picture of Deidra with a re-print of the article her class gave her as a gift. Go girl! I’m thrilled for you.

Mercer offers my career coaching services to students who are part of their MBA program. In this success story, my client leveraged her MBA courses, her network and me as her career coach. Remember, the best way to kick-start your career is by leveraging the resources available to you.

Click here to learn more about how to best leverage your career resources and your career coach. If you are interested in career coaching, please contact us here today!

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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