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Get a Jumpstart on Your New Year’s Resolutions: Further Your Education

New Year Resolution - Enhance Your Education

How do you feel about your career progression this year? As 2021 starts to wind down and the “Great Resignation” continues, we recommend taking a few moments to evaluate how this year has gone for you professionally. The majority of the mid-career professionals we work with have understandably faced new challenges due to COVID and will have to continue to adapt to changes in the workplace. With all of those changes on top of your regular daily tasks, it can be easy to get “stuck in a rut” and not think too much about career advancement. We understand, but, we want you to focus on career planning as much as possible so you’re not looking back years later wondering where the time went.

There is one easy way to boost your career that many professionals overlook: education. Yes, advancing your career education is a great way to help you feel renewed and also get to the next level. What is your next step education-wise as we look to 2022? You don’t have to wait until the new year to start to take control of your career. Here are a few options to consider:

further your education

Online courses. Do you want to brush up on certain skills or simply learn something new to enrich your professional experience? We recommend taking online courses offered on sites like or LinkedIn Learning. You can browse free courses as well as paid options in your industry or study something totally different. We recommend thinking of transferable skills that you could use in several industries.

College courses. Do you have gaps in your education that prevent you from getting to the next level in your career? Look into the courses that your local college or university offers to see if they can help you fill in the gaps. Determine whether you just need a few classes or if you should consider going back to school full-time to get your degree. It may be helpful to talk with one of the counselors or your alumni association about your goals and what could work best with your schedule.

Certification programs. You may find that you just need certification in some sort of technical program to help advance your career. Certification programs can be completed online or in person. Check into the options available to you locally. And be cautious when signing up for an online certification program. Make sure to do your research beforehand to make sure that the educational program is valid in your country and that the school is reputable.

On-the-job training. Some organizations offer training and educational programs, but they aren’t always well advertised. Talk to your supervisor about any programs the company you work for offers. Whatever education program you choose, make sure it will help you get the education you need in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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