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Don’t Overanalyze Your Career Transition

career transition

career transition“The greatest risk in life is not taking one.”

If you would like to make a career transition but are unsure what you would like to do next, or  if you find yourself unable to take a step forward to your dream job, here are three tips that can help you.

  • Follow your gut instinct. How many times have you analyzed something to death, only to realize that it had made you more confused than before? People tend to analyze something over and over especially when it’s a big life change. Try to pay attention to your over analysis. In a career change, you need to temper your analysis with following your gut instinct as well.
  • It’s time to take a little risk. Following your gut can really pay off, but when doing so there is an element of risk. Do you feel stuck in your career journey? Are you at a crossroads and don’t know which way to turn? If you’ve analyzed and dwelled on it, and you still don’t know which direction you want to go, it might be time to make a decision about what you really want and take a risk in order to pursue it. Take calculated risks. You have to realize that having a job you truly enjoy is worth taking a risk. Think of how much happier you would be every day if you ended up in your dream job. Is the risk worth it for you? If so, it is important to take calculated and measured risks that are smart. You still have to push yourself sometimes. You just have to balance the risks you take.
  • Don’t overlook career possibilities. Now that you have decided to take the next step on your career journey, you might be asking yourself what your next step actually is. Identifying your ideal career is a process but sometimes your passion and possible career path is right under your nose and you’ve simply overlooked it. You might have discounted it as a career idea, or something might have prevented you from thinking creatively about it as a career possibility. Options might be right under your nose. Look back at your previous jobs, volunteer opportunities, freelance work or other former work-related experiences.  These are great options for career possibilities. If you took the time to volunteer it is probably something you really enjoyed doing. What have you done in the past that you’ve enjoyed? If you revisited it, could there be a career idea lurking? Think about this and make a list so that you can see your options right in front of you.

Take the risk! Make your first step in finding your dream job. Remember no risk, no reward!