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3 Steps to Find Fulfillment in Your Career

career fulfillment

career fulfillmentAre you re-entering the workforce and aren’t sure what path is best for you?  Do you feel stuck trying to figure out what your next career move should be? Have you never really been 100% certain what career path would be best for you? Do you want to find a job you love? Here’s the good news: You don’t have to settle for less than a job you truly enjoy. Whether you’re changing careers or re-entering the workforce, it’s vitally important to find a job that is fulfilling for you. You will be happier and more successful.

1. Find Fulfillment.

Fulfillment brings us happiness, makes us better in relationships and can help us be more successful at work (money and otherwise.) Overall it creates a greater life balance! How do you honor your values more at work? Set boundaries, volunteer for projects you’re interested in, speak to your boss about changing your role.

2. Identify Talents and Skills.

A talent is natural and inherited. Talents could be good painting, writing, creative problem solving. Skills can easily be learned. Skills can be communication skills, learning new software. These are things that can be learned by work or school. Why is it important to know the difference? Utilizing talents is related to fulfillment. Your chosen career path- does it require talent you don’t have, or skills that can be learned? Does it use talents/skills you still enjoy?

    1. To define your talents and skills, review your resume, interview others, or take a skills assessment. Don’t discount what comes naturally.
    2. How can you use your talents and skills more at work? Identify those that you want to use, further your education, change roles within your company, or work part time in a new field to gain experience.

3. Execute and Risk.

Any change requires some amount of risk. The key is to minimize it! Why is risk important? Without risk there is no reward. To be successful with the risks you take you have to mentally prepare yourself for them. Identify your goals, define practical ways to achieve them, and create a plan.