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10 Tips to Help You Retire Without an Identity Crisis

If you are still in the world of gainful employment, you probably think you are too busy to think about retirement – after all, it is 3-7 years out. Or, you may be thinking you can just figure it out when you retire because you will have all the time in the world then. But be careful. That thinking can get you into trouble… and unexpectedly create an identity crisis down the line!

Whether you are pushed out of your job, or leave on your own accord and on your own terms, you can feel a sense of loss. The emotional turmoil can be overwhelming and begin to chip away at your identity. So, what do you do? First, you have to work on your emotions and self worth. Then, follow these 10 tips to shift your mindset and shape what you  want to do next with your life. Here are 10 tips to help you avoid this identity crisis: 

  1. Accept that retirement is one of the biggest transitions in life.

  2. Take time to grieve for what has been lost and then move forward.

  3. Realize that you have the freedom of choice and time to do some long, overdue self reflection.

  4. Tap into your passions, interests, strengths and values to create an ideal encore career or life.

  5. View life as an opportunity.

  6. Appreciate that your life experiences provide more options.

  7. Capitalize on the skills you have learned over the last 35-40+ years and leverage them.

  8. Bask in the glory of your mature perspective and listen to and follow your inner voice.

  9. Enjoy the thrill of new horizons.

  10. Cry a little, laugh a lot.

Your old job is not your identity – it does not define you as a person. You are unique and have many gifts to share with the world. This time in your life is an encore performance for you. You can say to yourself, “Watch out world, here I come.”

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Hallie Crawford and Katie Weiser
Atlanta Career Coaching

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