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Your career path might be right under your nose!

I was thrilled that our Career Intensive with the Georgia Tech Alumni Association went so well last month. Working with one of the participants reminded me that sometimes the right idea for your next career path is right under your nose. Katie was going around and around in her head with different career ideas, from being a professional organizer, to working in a theater and even thinking of continuing to work in a library as she does now.

Then one day she sent me an email and said she was poking around on Facebook and realized she should try to turn her passion about animals into some kind of career path. She talks about animals needing to be rescued all the time, and in the past didn’t think of this as being a possible career path. She’s gone from emailing me about her career ideas and feeling stuck to writing at least once a week about something new she has found as a possible job with animal rescue organizations. I am so happy for her! Look close by because sometimes your dream job is not that far off from what you are already doing.

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Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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