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Sign #3 that it’s time to look for a new job

Last week we looked at a couple signs that you will see when it’s time to look for a new job. Here’s sign #3:

You become "someone else" at work.

If you feel like you can't be yourself at work and have become a "pretender," don't shrug it off — and don't blame yourself. Every company's culture is different. Yours may not be aligned with who you are as a person.

Know there are professional people out there who embrace the same goals and values as you do. It is essential to identify the values you have. When you do that, you are able to identify a career that fits those values.

If the company you work for has different goals and values than you, this is probably not the job for you. I’d recommend you consider a career change.

Remember I’m here to help!

Hallie Crawford
Career Seekers Career Coach