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Save gas – and the environment

I read this in a recent Ideal Bite, emails I receive with environmental and health tips. I sent it to my husband because he tends to leave his car running while he’s fiddling with things in the car – like his Sirius Satellite radio! I enjoy writing these entries because of my value of health, which for me means health of the environment and my own. And I think we all need to be much more conscious of our impact on the environment. (My mom finally purchased a recycle bin for her house-go mom!) I hope you enjoy these posts too, Hallie Certified Coach Hallie Crawford

  1. Save gas – don’t idle. Idling for more than 10 seconds produces emissions at almost 2x the rate of normal driving. For post-1970s cars, turning the car off and on again doesn’t use extra gas or cause additional wear and tear.
  2. Use cruise control when you can – you’ll get up to 15% better mileage.
  3. Take a load off. Stuff you don’t use all the time, like toolboxes, drag you down – less weight means slightly better fuel efficiency.