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Making a Change to Something Bigger and Better

(excerpted from Flying Solo: Career Transition tips for singles)

Do you fall into the category of “I know I need to make a change and the time is now!” Or are you on the fence, still wondering if the place you are in is really a fit? Is it possible that you are unhappy for some other reason than the job? Whether you're single or not, being uncertain about making a change is completely normal. Having doubts and fears is common.

We all have our ups and downs at work so it's important to define whether you really need to change jobs, or if you're just going through a rough patch you need to work through.

Signs That It's Time to Make a Change:

  1. You dread getting out of bed in the morning—every morning.
  2. Your work relationships and performance are beginning to suffer.
  3. You work tirelessly.
  4. You start to slack off at work and have little or no motivation to perform.
  5. You become “someone else” at work.
  6. The position doesn't make use of your talents.
  7. You spend most of your time complaining about your job.
  8. You regularly fantasize about quitting your job, being fired or let go.

If any of these red flags are waving at you, it's probably time to seriously consider changing jobs, whether it's moving into a new position at your current company or changing your course completely by choosing an entirely different career path.

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Reprinted from Flying Solo: Career Transition Tips for Singles, by Hallie Crawford, CPCC, ( reprinted by permission of the author. ©2008 Hallie Crawford.  All rights reserved.

Here's to having a career you love,
Hallie Crawford
Career Path Coach