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Job Searching – Set Goals AND SEE Them As Well

I was so excited to receive this email recently from a group career coaching client, Dana. She’s been in her job search mode for at least 4 months. The job she left was making her very unhappy, which put Dana in a tough place for awhile. I was always impressed by her positive attitude despite her circumstances, and her ability to take the principles we learned in our career coaching group and use them to her advantage. You’ll see here below that not only did she set and write down goals, she also visualized how she wanted to feel at a new job, the qualities it would have and her new ideal salary.

Hi Hallie,

Today, I was offered a position with the company that I worked for a few years ago … this is the position that I’ve been working on since October that I wrote you about a couple of times.

The salary is 2K above the figure I initially wrote on my Ideal Career Model (I later increased it by 10K), but that initial figure has been stuck in my mind. The real irony:  I’m making 2K more than my team lead at my previous company.

I attribute this $19,500K salary increase to the work that we did in group
— identifying and writing down our goals/desired salary, etc. and the law of attraction principles your practice is based on. I also wrote down and have been constantly saying to myself “I will have a better work environment/co-workers, better manager, better salary and better work.”  I know for sure that this is what I will encounter on my new job!!

Thanks sooo much for your support!!! I wouldn’t be having this bright future if I had not gone through your course.

Dana, Baltimore, MD

I’m pleased to share this letter with you for inspiration. Remember don’t just write down your goals. Visualize them in your mind’s eye as well, just like professional athletes do. See your goals as well.

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach