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Job Hunting Under the Boss’s Nose

Here is a useful article I found from The Wall Street Journal about the befenits of popular networking sites such as LinkedIn.

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As a business professional, I highly recommend setting up a LinkdIn profile. It is one of the best professional online networks and a really great resource for your career or job search. Even if you are trying to keep your search under wraps, there are many ways you can still use online networking to help you out. For some input check out the above article.

1. It shows that you understand and know the current buesiness trends.
2. It shows that you are up to date with technology.
3. It shows that you realize the importance of having a professional image and presence online.

I hope you find this article as beneficial as I do. If you’d like further help in your job search or career contact me to sign up for a complimentary consultation.

Hallie Crawford
Career Seeker Tips