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I am excited, Hallie Recommends: Career Seekers Teleclass

Yesterday my Career Seekers Teleclass started and I am jazzed! This is the last one for 2006. The participants are excited to find a job they enjoy and a career path they are passionate about. And I can’t wait to help them make it happen. This class is truly transformational and gets results.  I encourage you contact me for more details.

Here’s what others have said about the class…

“I uncovered mental patterns that hold me back and got the tools to overcome them”

“I was able to take the steps to create the life I wanted”

“I’m getting paying work, I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment, and I’m enjoying it!”

“The benefits last beyond the time you are in the class”

“I feel energized and focused after our classes “

“The coaching class has been an amazing experience and re-awakening for me”

Don’t wait, you can have a job you truly enjoy.

Have a great day! Hallie finding a new job