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How to Successfully Navigate the Path to Career Fulfillment

Many of my career coaching clients ask me, what’s the best way to successfully navigate your career transition? How will I go after my dream while taking care of my needs at the same time? Here are some tips you need to successfully navigate your path to career fulfillment:

  1. Realize it’s a process. Realize that career transition is a process that can take some time. Be willing to be patient with it, and with yourself.

  2. Develop a transition plan. Before you can move past the point of vague possibilities and enter the throes of a serious career change, you MUST develop a plan so you are covered in the financial, mental, and emotional aspects of your life and your future.

  3. Set goals. When the time comes to set goals… make sure they are specific, tangible, measurable and include a time frame. Your goals should be realistic, and also a stretch so you’re pushing yourself beyond what you’d normally do in order to move forward.

  4. Take care of yourself. Transition can be stressful. Make sure you take care of yourself. Physical exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep and maintaining balance in your life are all things to attend to when you’re navigating an adjustment in your life.

  5. Remain or become financially stable. It’s hard to dream and plan for the future when you’re worried about paying the bills. What are your options for becoming financially stable? Perhaps you can stay in your current position and work on the next career step after hours, or find a part-time job that pays the bills and allows you greater freedom to pursue your passion.

  6. Dream first. While financial stability is the foundation of your future, you also need to do some dreaming. Once you have a plan to meet your basic financial needs, it’s time to take off your Practical Hat, put on your Dreaming Glasses – and dream big.

  7. Share your dream or plans with those who’ll be supportive. If there are people in your life who tend to be negative, wait a little
    while to tell them your dream. Sometimes holding back until you’re really solid in your dream is the best way to go. Share it with people who are going to be positive and supportive… who’ll inspire and encourage you.

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Hallie Crawford