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How Career Coaching Can Help You Through a Career Transition

Making a career transition is exciting and a way to further your professional development in a new industry. Others find that it is necessary to make a career transition due to the economic climate and layoffs in their industry. However, even when you know you have made the right choice, starting on a new career path can initially be scary. It can be helpful to work with a career coach during this process. Career transition coaching can help you navigate the first steps of your career transition.

How Career Coaching Can Help

Transition coaching is beneficial for several reasons:

A career coach will help you take the first steps. A career coach will help you create and implement a 30-60-90-day plan in your new career path. This will help jumpstart your productivity and confidence in your new job. Transition coaching can also help you update your LinkedIn and other network profiles to put your best foot forward in your new industry as well as make strategic connections to boost your career growth.

A career coach is not a life coach, but they can also help you navigate through the emotions of a career change. In many cases, a career coach has experienced their own career transition and can share valuable tips and advice to help you manage this change. They can also help you set a good schedule to ensure you are including time for self-care.

Transition coaching will keep you on track. A career coach will also help you implement your strategic career plan. You may find that it will need to be updated to your new career path. A coach will help you think about reasonable goals that you can set each quarter to help you reach your long-term career goals. Your career coach will also check in with you and the progress you have made with those goals.

Transition coaching will give you long-term support. A good career coach truly cares about your career success, so many career coaches offer packages for long-term support. Once you are established in your new career path and feel more confident about your career plan, it is beneficial to meet with your career coach on a monthly or quarterly basis to help you with your professional development. We are here for you.

If you are making a career transition, find out how we can support you. Set up a free consult today.