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Hallie Recommends: Canvas Shopping Bags

Good for the Environment: Canvas Shopping Bags

I was scouring the internet recently for some affordable, sturdy shopping bags I could take with me when I go to the grocery store, Target, etc. Every time I used to come home from the store I was amazed at how many of those plastic grocery bags I had stored up under my sink. And how many were going to the recycling bin – overflowing I tell ya.

Here are some great bags I found and have been using. What’s cool about this siteis you can buy several bags, as a kind of pack of sorts; so you know what sizes and how many to buy. I bought 2 sets and love them.

I found out recently that at Trader Joe’s, which is my favorite store, they enter you into a weekly contest to win free groceries when you bring in your own shopping bags. Cool! I like that. Sevananda (for those of you who live in the ATL) is another place that does the same thing. Happy Shopping! Hallie