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Hallie Crawford Webinar Topics, Bio, Headshot

One-Time and Multi-Session Webinars Available

Our webinar topics are listed below by category. We typically charge $200-$500 per webinar but are open to discussion depending on your budget. You can find recordings of previous webinars on our YouTube Channel.

Webinar Topics

Ideal Career

  • Am I In The Right Job? How to Know When It’s Time to Go / How Do You Know if You’re in the Right Fit?
  • 3 Ways to Clarify Your Career Values
  • Career Brainstorming: 3 Methods to Uncover the Right Career for You / 3 Steps to Finding a Job You Love
  • 3 Simple Steps to Find Fulfillment in Your Career / Live and Work with Passion and Purpose: 3 Steps for Greater Professional Fulfillment

Job Search

  • How to Handle a Layoff / Prepare for a Layoff / Resiliency During a Layoff
  • How to Handle the Gig Economy or Secure A Side Hustle
  • Salary and Benefits Negotiation 101
  • 3 Steps to Landing a Job You Love
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Professional Success / Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Job Search / Networking Hacks: How to Create and Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile
  • I Want a New Job, Now What? How to Jumpstart Your Job Search / New Year, New Gig?
  • 5 Ways to Fix Your Resume / Job Search Hacks: How to Make Sure Your Resume Passes the 10-Second Test
  • How to Tap into the Hidden Job Market to Define and Find Your Ideal Job / Job Search Hacks: Leveraging the Hidden Job Market
  • Job Search Hacks: 5 Ways to Conduct Successful Informational Interviews
  • 5 Ways To Stand Out in Your Job Search
  • Making the Most of Unemployment Gaps


  • 5 Coaching Skills Every Leader Should Master
  • Improving Your Conflict Competence
  • 10 Ways New Managers Can Advance Their Careers
  • Public Speaking in an Online Environment
  • 3 Ways to Work More Effectively with Your Team
  • Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers or Employees
  • How to Overcome the Impostor Syndrome / Do You Feel Like a Fraud? How the Impostor Syndrome Affects Job Performance
  • How New Managers Can Make Their Mark
  • 3 Critical Coaching Skills for Effective Mentoring or Peer Coaching
  • Solving Career Burnout: How to Get Re-Inspired / Avoid Career Burnout: How to Recharge Your Career / Solving Career Burnout: How to Recharge and Get Re-Inspired
  • Finding Work-Life Balance / Negotiating a New Work-Life Balance
  • Give a Great Presentation via Zoom / How to Host a Successful Virtual Meeting

Career Planning

  • 10 Ways to Get Promoted / Get Promoted to Your Dream Job / How to Get Promoted in (Year)
  • Coping with Career Regret: How to make the right career choice the next time around! / Learning from Career Regret: How to Make Better Professional Decisions
  • Managing Work Life from Home / Thriving in Your Role in a Virtual Format
  • Finding Work You Love After 50 / How to Design Your Encore Career
  • Creating Your Professional Development Plan
  • Jumpstart Your Career in (Year)
  • 3 Keys to Unlock Your Strategic Career Plan / 3 Secrets to Your Strategic Career Plan
  • Navigating the First 90 Days of a New Job

Career Transition

  • How to Make a Career Change in (Year)
  • How to Take Control of Your Career Transition
  • 10 Transferable Skills to Help You Change Careers

Career Goals

  • Using Professional Communication to Achieve Your Career Goals / How to Leverage Communication Skills for Greater Professional Success
  • How to Keep Your Career Resolutions in (Year) / How to Approach Career Resolutions Effectively in (Year)
  • 3 Simple Steps to Create Meaningful Career Goals
  • How to Negotiate During a Performance Review

Multi-Session Webinar Topics

  • Jumpstart Your Job Search Boot Camp. Three or Four-session webinar series – $249 per person ($210 per person to Create Your Career Path)
  • Clarify Your Career Direction Workshop. Four-session webinar series – $249 per person ($210 per person to Create Your Career Path)
  • LinkedIn Boot Camp. Two-session webinar series – $50 per person ($40 per person to Create Your Career Path)

Hallie Bio

Hallie has been a certified career coach, speaker, author, and national career expert since 2002. Her company, Create Your Career Path, is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. She is regularly featured in the media (Forbes, CNN, Money magazine, WSJ) and has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Vanderbilt University and the University of Illinois. With over 2,000 success stories, her team of coaches and resume writers help professionals find jobs that make them want to jump out of bed in the morning to go to work. Their website is

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