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Food for Thought – Changing Your Perspective

You probably have heard people talking about the power of your thoughts and the influence they have on your life and actual brain structure. And you might have also heard of the best-selling book (and movie) The Secret which explains the Law of Attraction.

When I first heard about the Law of Attraction, I thought it was about being Pollyanna and saying everything’s OK — when it isn’t. That didn’t feel right to me.

What I’ve since learned is that it’s your attitude and your perception of something that makes all the difference (mental training).

It’s about looking at a situation in a way that enables you to work through it, see the silver lining, or move around it if it’s an obstacle.

Here’s an experiment to try this week:

1. First, write down 5 things that are working in your life. From your health, your job – anything that’s working well and you are grateful for. Starting by focusing on what’s working gets your brain into a more positive mental state; an “attitude of gratitude.”

2. Next, write down 5 things in your life that aren’t working. Then ask yourself, is there anything good about these things? Could there possibly be a silver lining? Or are these things I need to work through or around, and how can I do that?

As you examine the things that aren’t working in your life, from a more positive mental place, you have an opportunity to change your perspective by changing your thinking. It’s all about the power of your thoughts.

Happy Monday!

Hallie Crawford
Career Coaching