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Food for Thought – Beat the winter blues

Yes, winter’s coming. It’s not my favorite season. I love summer-the longer days, warm weather and sunshine. (I was born in Florida so it’s not surprising ;-)) Living in Chicago (I just moved to Atlanta last year), I tended to go into hibernation mode in the winter and become a TV-watching couch potato after work. Then one year I decided to make a list of things I wanted to do for the winter–things that would get me out of the house and keep me active. It helped me combat the winter blues a little bit, and it just might help you too.

What do you want to do this winter? To get started, make a list of those things you’ve been “meaning to do:” movies or plays you want to see, art galleries or museums you’ve been wanting to visit, social activities with friends, workshops or classes that have sparked your interest. If they cover your area, Daily Candy always has some good ideas for new things to do and places to see. The options are endless! Sure, there’s nothing wrong with hibernating a little. It’s natural. But making a list of the things you want to do, and picking one or two from the list each week, can help you stay more balanced and inspired during the winter months. Have fun with it! Career Advice Coach Hallie Crawford