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Career Transition: Go ahead and have a pity party

In one of my recent career coaching groups one of my clients, Anna, got on the call saying she’d had a tough week and was overwhelmed with her career research. She also had some personal issues she was dealing with. It all snowballed and ruined most of her week. She was asking us if that was normal, and when it would end. After we talked about how to better organize her career research, I gave her permission to have a pity party. I gave that same advice to another client several months ago Diana.

Sometimes in order to move through obstacles or frustration we need to acknowledge how we’re feeling, and allow ourselves to feel frustrated so we can move through it. If you stuff it down you’re not processing the emotion, which can easily come back to haunt you later on. Have a pity party if you have to! Sit down with a bowl of ice cream. Go outside and take a run. Do whatever you need to do to let yourself be frustrated and annoyed, and get it out of your system.

The key is to not stay in that frustration for an extended period of time. We told Anna on the call to go home and have a pity party for an hour. Then once she gets it all out of her system to move on. You have full permission to do so! It’s a valuable way to move through the inevitable low points you will have during career transition.

Hallie Crawford
Career Help Coach