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Career Corner: When Mom goes back to ‘paying’ work

I was honored to
be featured in a recent Tampa Bay Times article about mom’s going back to the work force. Several of my friends have gone
through this situation of a career transition and how to re-enter the workforce, so it’s near and dear to my heart!
Plus, I’ll be undergoing my own transition into balancing motherhood and career
early next year.


In the next few
posts are excerpts from this article… I hope it’s helpful to you.

Problem: You feel guilty for leaving your kids.

I can’t relate to this yet, but I’ve heard and understand this is difficult. It’s probably much harder at the beginning and part of it is getting over that hump. Once you realize that your kids are ok in their childcare situation, and you are doing something that fulfills you, the guilt should subside.

Solution: Rearrange your schedule to address whatever’s causing the guilt trip. For instance, call your kids on a lunch break to help with homework, or ask your boss for flex time so you never miss a soccer game. You have to find a balance that works for you. Some of my friends love being back at work full-time, some would rather have a part-time gig. Get to the root of what’s causing you to feel guilty and address the problem.

Go here to read the rest of the article.

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Hallie Crawford
Career Coach